Yorkshire Counties v3

A fictional map based on Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Welcome to Yorkshire Counties 3.0

Designed to challenge the most experienced of drivers and replicate the stunning scenery of Yorkshire's Districts, Villages and Towns. Yorkshire offers Omsi players the sensation rural feel of one of the UK's most stunning area's. Although fictional in its design, the map replicates the feeling of driving through countrysides, through Villages and connecting the Towns of Yorkshire on an intricate web of bus services carefully designed to "Keep You Connected".

What has changed?

Since the success of the Demo version of Yorkshire Counties 2.0 the map has had a complete overhaul in its design ranging from customising objects, optimising junctions and custom assets added to ensure the product is unique. The map boasts an "all weather" selection so drivers can drive in any conditions to optimise the challenges of real life driving.

An all new specialised revamp of Ingleborough (The Seafront Town) now sees an expanded seafront and a complete redesign to truly give that authentic seafront feel of being by the Great British Seaside.