Yorkshire Counties v3

Sylar|£20.99|4th November 2021


Nice mix of routes. Well constructed map. It feels like mostly countryside driving to me, as the villages are small and there are lots of connecting roads, but there are a few bits where you are in cities/town/dual-carriageway. The seafront mapping is nice, as are the interchanges/bus stands. I think its pretty creative, the routes are interesting and varied in terms of scenery and route length. Overall I think its worth the money, especially as it takes out any stress of modding/conflicts etc which I have had problems with before on OMSI. I am not a huge OMSI player, just some hours here or there... but this will be my go-to UK OMSI map for the foreseeable.

A Fantastic DLC. It's brilliant, absolutely stunning. The scenery is amazing, it is definitely realistic to Yorkshire in real life. There's a variety of route lengths for everyone. Also different type of routes, expresses, stopping, uni, park and ride, rail replacement, which is brilliant. It's not laggy either, it runs so smooth! Sylar and MS, have done a brilliant job for this map. The B8 is wonderful, high quality bus, and superb to drive, so smooth to drive. A fantastic DLC, really is, worth every single penny.