Masterswitch Studios


Creating quality content for OMSI 2 and various other games.


Unbeaten realism

Everything is created from scratch, and has multiple revisions to become its final form of the most realistic OMSI models. No bought models in sight!

Multiple years of experience

Collectively, we've been doing this for years, and hope to be doing this for years to come.

All areas covered

Everything we make is done in-house. From sounds, to scripts, all created and collected by ourselves, with some help from external sources too!

Feedback Friendly

We are always looking to improve, and appreciate any feedback given to us

Depot Collaborations

We actively collaborate with various depots to get the resources we need to get the perfect model.

Teamwork is everything

Collaborating together like this allows us to share resources, and get things done much quicker than as a single person.







Sound mods

Our Origins


We were already sharing and helping each other out in private discord chats, we started coming together as a group and we eventually came up with Masterswitch Studios as the name for us.

Now we're actively creating new content for the community, including everything from sound mods to fully fledged buses.


Our own sound guy collects all the sounds by himself, making them as accurate as can be. We have the only active, professional sound modder in the UK.


All models are made by us, with no models outsourced from anywhere, or no paid models. With the amount of resources we have, we can comfortably say that we produce the most accurate models.


Made by some of the best repainters in the community, each release version of buses contain many different liveries varying from fictional repaints all the way to accurate, realistic repaints of real companies.