Masterbus Gen 3 Pack

BlueOrange|£12.79|13th August 2019


This was a very good bus at release, but with the latest update, it's become PHENOMENAL. MasterSwitch Studios did a fantastic job, and adding the pre-facelift Gemini, open-top, and dual door variants really breathed new life into this pack. If you like British OMSI content, I would highly recommend it at full price; if you see it on sale, buying it is a no-brainer. It's quality modeling, quality scripting, and drives great.

Probably one of the highest quality DLC buses produced for OMSI2, the bus comes in multiple versions, each with lots of detail and interchangeable parts. A detailed manual is also installed to its folder in the OMSI2 directory.

It's a must have if you are looking to get into the UK side of OMSI2 or are a player of UK maps already.

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