Masterbus Veiling Pack

BlueOrange|£12.79|12th May 2022


Stellar quality! Probably the best overall addon bus package I've ever bought for OMSI. Here on Steam, you can pay £14.99 for a couple of unimpressive versions of an Iveco bus, and yet you get so many different, fantastic quality versions of the Eclipses in this package, for only £12.79.

Just buy it - it's the best OMSI addon out there.

I can easily say that this DLC Pack is incredible and easily the best bus pack for the UK side of OMSI. A lot of effort has gone into this pack and it definitely shows. Having been on some of these buses in real life, the model, the sounds, the accuracy of the multiple engines and gearbox types makes the Veiling Pack feel lovely to drive. Many customisable options via setvars with easy to use templates makes it easy to repaint for repainters like me. Overall this pack is a must have if you want to know what a 12 ton bus feels like. Cant wait for the next iteration of the veiling pack (Veilling Classics) with the Volvo B7L.

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