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About Us

We're a dedicated group, creating quality content for OMSI 2. Originally founded in 2019; Our first DLC, Masterbus Gen 3 Pack, is widely accepted as one of the best UK OMSI 2 DLCs.

Following our success with the Gen 3 Pack, we're creating even more quality content for the community, and we've brought on more developers who we feel fit with our ethos.

Testimonials & Reviews

Masterswitch, more like ‘master class’. Masterswitch Studios excel at producing some of the finest quality and consistent content for the OMSI community. Steadily winning the hearts of many by providing countless hours of fun! It’s a delight seeing other OMSI developers taking the game base and showing how phenomenal third party content can be when there’s a lot of passion that drives the developments.

Rhys McCollin,
Add-on London Developer

"Bringing OMSI closer to home"

With the release of the Gen 3 Pack, I was able to drive the same type of bus that is driven around Dublin which gave me and others countless hours of fun.
With Masterswitch you get quality content, a team that listens to the community, and a team that delivers every time.
Eamon Sherry,
YouTube Partner

Not only did Masterswitch Studios Break the Omsi record on steam for being first UK Bus or Map on steam, they also have amazing quality busses in this pack, as well as they've been very supportive throughout, i've had issues at first i thought it was the Bus as you have to click "E" 3 times for the engine and motor to start, and then hold down the brake pedal to change gear :)

Probably one of the highest quality DLC buses produced for OMSI2, the bus comes in multiple versions, each with lots of detail and interchangeable parts. A detailed manual is also installed to its folder in the OMSI2 directory.
It's a must have if you are looking to get into the UK side of OMSI2 or are a player of UK maps already.